Humbucker Mounting Ring - FLAT - Plastic no fixings

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Fits most full-size humbuckers.

Humbucker Mounting Ring: - Low cost humbucker mounting ring. No fixings. Select bridge or neck fitting.

Bridge Dimension (8108B:

  • External Size: 88mm x 44mm
  • Internal Size: 70mm x 38mm 
  • Hieght: 9mm tapering down to 7mm
  • Holes Spaced: 81mm x 36mm
  • Pickup Screws Spaced: 78mm spacing

Neck Dimension (8108N)

  • External Size: 91mm x 45mm
  • Internal Size: 70mm x 39mm 
  • Hieght: 5mm tapering down to 4mm
  • Holes Spaced: 83mm x 37mm
  • Pickup Screws Spaced: 78mm spacing

All sizes are approximate.