Bridges & Tailpieces
Choose from an extensive range of electric guitar bridges and tailpieces to suit many types of guitar including tune-o-matic guitar bridges, tele bridges, ashtray bridges, strat fixed bridges, les paul bridges and stop pieces
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Gibson LP Adjustable Tailpiece - Japanese Made

Weight: g
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LP type fixed tailpiece assembly complete with fixing posts- Korean made 

Gibson LP Adjustable Tailpiece - Complete replacement tailpeice kit for your LP guitar. Comes with adjustable fixing posts. Select finish desired from the drop-down box.

Gibson LP Style Tune-o-matic bridge assembly - Large Posts

Weight: g

Gibson LP Tune-o-matic bridge assembly with Large Posts

LP type tune-o-matic large post bridge assembly complete with 6 individual micro-adjustable saddles and fixing posts.  Fits many guitar based on a standard Gibson LP tune-o-matic bridge utilising large posts.

GOTOH GE101 Guitar Stop Tailpiece

Weight: g
Gotoh GE101 Stop Tail Peice

GOTOH GE101 Guitar Stop Tailpiece - Zinc plated tailpiece for Gibson Les Paul guitars


Schaller FS Stop Tailpiece c/w Fine Tuners

Weight: g


Schaller stop tailpiece with additional fine tuners. Allows perfect fine tuning and quick retuning during play.Complete with height adjustment screws and tee nuts.

Schaller STM Series Bridge for Les Paul

Weight: g
Schaller STM Series Guitar Bridge for Les Paul - The design of this bridge allows a 3-dimensional adjustment - of height and intonation as well as string spacing.

Schaller 12080200 STM Bridge roller tunematic bridge for electric guitar.

Features adjustable string spacing. Stud spacing is 2-29/32". Retrofits most guitars using the "Nashville" style tune-o-matic. Highest quality available made in Germany.

Measurements l x w x h (mm): 63x18x13

T-50 Tele Bridge - Six Flat Saddles - Japanese Made

Weight: g
Japanes made T-50 Telecaster Guitar Bridge

Telecaster Guitar Bridge - Six Flat Saddles

Combined Fender Teletcaster style bridge tailpeice assembly for single size pickup with six flat cast steel saddles each with spring loaded adjustment. 4mm raised back for strength. Designed as a replacement for mid style TC guitars. 

Chrome plated.

Trapeze style Cello Guitar Tailpeice - Chrome

Weight: g
Trapeze style Cello Guitar Tailpeice.

Trapeze style Cello Guitar Tailpeice - Cast iron string holder screwed to 2.6mm trapeze rods and body end fixing plate. Overall length 15cm.  Chrome plated