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SAGA Guitar Kits

We stock most SAGA guitar kits including bass kits. Models include the SAGA Les Paul Kit, SAGA Telecaster Kit, SAGA Starocaster Kit, SAGA PRS Kit, SAGA Flying V Kit, SAGA Jazz Bass Kit, SAGA PB Kit.

If you want to upgrade the parts in your kit we can exchange various items, for example pickups, control knobs, bridges, trems etc. You simply pay the difference in price. 

If delivery is urgent please call us on 01803 297297.

Here at GuitarSpares UK we pride ourselves in being able to supply all of the parts necessary to build or repair guitar, basses and many other instruments. If you don't see what you want give us a call on 01803 297297 - we can probably help you. While many buyers just want a bridge or a set of machineheads, some want to build their very own guitar - that's where our SAGA self-build kits come in - and some just want an electronics, hardware package or pre-wired scratchplates.