Tonewoods, Tools and Materials
Tonewoods, Tools and Materials
Guitar Building

If you are building or refurbishing a guitar or bass then you will need access to all the right parts and equipment as well as finishing materials, We can supply practically everything you will need to repair, build or finish you project to the highest standards.

In this section you will find:

  • Guitar & Bass Kits
  • Raw Materials for Guitar Building e.g. body blanks, necks, fretboards etc.
  • Replacement Guitar & Bass Bodies
  • Replacement Guitar & Bass Necks
  • Screws & Fixings
  • Frets & Fetwire
  • Guitar & Bass Hardware Kits
  • Guitar Scratchplates & Pickguards
  • Looking for a guitar part? UK supplier Guitar Parts and Spares UK specialises in the supply of guitar parts from Fender, Wilkinson, Gibson etc including guitar bridges, guitar tremolos, graph tech saddles and guitar parts, guitar scratchplates, guitar machine heads and 1000's of other guitar and bass parts. Call 01803 297297 or buy securely online..