Guitar Electrics
Select from a range of top quality electronic spares and parts specifically for electric amd bass guitars including push-pull and rotary potentiometers (pots), mono jack sockets, stereo jack sockets, toggle switches, 3-way switches, 5-way switches and capacitors

We are constantly adding new parts to this section. We have around 10,000 parts so it does take time. if you don't see what you are looking for, please visit again soon.

Parts are sold as new unless identified as new old stock (NOS). Where packaing has been damaged during storage, we will reduce the price accordingly. The parts however will be new or NOS so please consider these items as bargains rather than damaged.


0.02µF Tone Capacitor

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0.02µF Tone Capacitor

The 0.02µF Tone Capacitor is particularly useful for use with 250K and 500K linear potentiometers. Other useful sizes include:
  • Use 0.001µF (microfarad) for treble-bleed circuits on volume controls.
  • 0.020µF and 0.050µF are common guitar tone control caps
  • 0.050µF and .100µF are used for electric bass
  • The higher the value, the more bass output from the tone control at its "zero" setting

1/4inch Guitar Output Socket - Mono / Stereo

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1/4" Guitar / Bass Output Jack Socket
Ideal as a replacement for worn or broken parts, choose stereo or mono output as required to suit your application (mono is more generally used for normal guitar operation i.e. guitar to amp connection)

SW500VB Potentiometer 500k Volume Log

Weight: g
Guitar Tech Potentiometer 500kohm with logerithmic scale most commony found on volume circuits. 
Ideal replacement potentiometer for most guitars where you need to replace the volume pot. This potentiometer is marked 500KB scale (logerithmic). It has a splined shaft suitable for many knob styles.

Schaller Endpin Jack Socket - Mono

Weight: g
Schaller Endpin Jack Socket

High quality German made acoustic guitar endpin fitting. Chrome plated with external 1/4" fitting for a standard mono guitar jack lead and a 3mm internal fitting to connect to an undersaddle transducer.

Idea solution for accoustic and classical guitars.

Jaguar / Jazzmaster Slide Switch

Weight: g
Genuine Fender  Jaguar / Jazzmaster slide switch made in USA

Genuine Fender  Jaguar / Jazzmaster slide switch made in USA. Fender part# 0017079000. No screws

Strat / Tele 3 position Pickup Selector Switch

Weight: g
Authentic replacement unit for Stratocaster & Telecaster style guitars

Strat / Tele - 3 position Pickup Selector Switch - High quality switch.

Actual item may be slightly different depending on manufacturer.

Graph Tech PE-0440-00 - Hexpander Plus Preamp W/Traktion

Weight: g
Graph Tech PE-0440-00. This is our preamp to enable (Roland GK) 13 PIN output from your electric guitar to drive 13 pin procesors/Pitch to midi converters. Includes jack and jack plate.

The PE-0440-00 is our basic Hexpander MIDI interface.  It has all the components (excluding pickups) that you need to add MIDI capabilities to your guitar or bass.

*You will also need a set of ghost loaded pickups to complete the setup.  We offer pickups sets for guitar and bass.  We have individual sets of ghost loaded saddles as well as complete ghost loaded bridge assemblies.